Our Mission

The Mission of the Teachers Association is to provide Let Your Yoga Dance instructors with ongoing support, community, excellence, and life-long learning.

Welcome to Let Your Yoga Dance® Teachers Association

Welcome to Let Your Yoga Dance® Teachers Association. For Newcomers, click on Teacher Directory to find a teacher in your community. For Teachers only: Watch hundreds of Let Your Yoga Dance® snippets from recent classes and trainings. Get some great ideas for your own classes. Desperately seeking sound? Seek no more: we have music galore for you to hear – and possibly buy should you wish.

Please note: We have established a Let Your Yoga Dance® Scholarship Fund. A large percentage of your annual fee for this association is going toward scholarships for people who need monetary assistance in taking the trainings and workshops.  Also, all music audio previews and puchases are done through Apple's iTunes Store.  Dance on!.