About Let Your Yoga Dance® Teachers Association

Hakuna Matata, Teachers - We’ve Got Your Backs!


Welcome to our new, improved Let Your Yoga Dance® Teachers Association. 
This association was originally the brain child of our own Let Your Yoga Dance® watchdog, Irena Blethen, more than eight years ago. She brought together music playlists and in-session videos, providing a unique form of life long learning for all Let Your Yoga Dance® instructors.
Now we have graduated to a new era of our association. This website is a very user-friendly way for you to go back and remember the music you heard, the movements you learned, the inspiration you felt. You can see hundreds of classes and hear songs that are aligned with our unique Let Your Yoga Dance® Chakra methodology. You can also observe what’s happening now with the teachings. Let Your Yoga Dance®  is always growing, evolving, and changing. This website will show you how that’s happening. 
Added Bonus: We have special section dedicated to the Business /Marketing side of this work.  Not only that, if you want a song, you can buy one from iTunes with just a click of your computer key!
This association is all about “Serving It Forward.” Much of your fee to join the association is earmarked for scholarships to Let Your Yoga Dance® Teacher Training, to Special Populations training, and our new Kids and Teens training. We want everyone interested to become a teacher if they so choose, regardless of finances.
We are delighted that you have chosen to be a life-long learner. Welcome aboard to YOUR site. Have fun.